So you’ve all seen the maps of Phesaw (the Light Realm’s school), the Intel Kingdom, and Dev Kingdom. You also saw a diagram of Kuki Sphaira (the world) as a whole. They were in The Jestivan (Erafeen, #1) because they were relative to that book.

Well Erafeen #2 adds even more maps for you to soak in—four to be exact—since you’ll be traveling a lot of places. And congratulations … this is the grand reveal—the FIRST LOOK—of the Cyn, Still, Passion, and Archaic Kingdoms! Remember that these are “floating islands in the sky”, so if you want a full image of the entire world and how it’s structured, CLICK HERE.

I’m so excited to share this with all of you! Of course these are only the four new maps. If you want to see the other maps that are included in Book #1, CLICK HERE.

In other news:

  • My illustrator and I have gotten in touch about Erafeen #2’s cover design. He’s starting sketches within the next two days. It will likely be a 2-week process, dealing with sketches, thumbnails, and different drafts of the cover. When that is finished, I will reveal both the cover design and the title of Erafeen #2 at the same time!
  • I finished sifting through my editor’s revisions of the 2nd half of Erafeen #2. This means all I have to do now is read through a couple more times to proofread—check for missed typos or tiny grammatical errors … possibly polish up a few things.

The process is moving fast, and I’ve learned a lot from my first rodeo back in 2015 when I was working toward releasing The Jestivan.

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