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The Uprising

The third novel in the Erafeen series just released!

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The Erafeen Series

The Jestivan

Ten elite students of magic join forces to lead their school, grow together, and try to survive a world of crumbling kingdoms in this epic fantasy.


The Untenable

Bryson LeAnce and the rest of the Jestivan just escaped death’s grips at the hands of a foreign king and his divine protector. But they needed help. Now they return to Phesaw limping and wounded with more loss than just pride: Phesaw is down a member.

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The Uprising

As the school of Phesaw closes its doors indefinitely, the Jestivan scatter across the realm. From traveling the Archaic Mountains with bounty hunters, sailing the Realm Rivers with a pirate crew, to attending a school in the city of Brilliance with the brightest minds the world has ever seen … the young elites will chase their own goals.

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Somewhere between Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. William Bitner

Goodreads Reviewer

An epic tale of strange powers and political maneuvering. Kirkus Reviews

Editorial Reviewer, Kirkus

This has been the most amazing book I have read in a couple of years … If you liked Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The False Prince, and the likes of those, you will love this book! Kandace

Goodreads Reviewer

Erafeen #4’s First Draft Complete

Just yesterday I tweeted that I'd likely have Erafeen #4's first draft completed by February 12th. Somehow, I finished today. I don't know what kind of zone my mind entered the past two days, but I wish it was that way all the time. If you haven't heard by now, the...

The Uprising Has Released!

Today's the day. After what had been a long year-and-a-half gap between The Jestivan and The Untenable, I had made the decision to streamline the writing, editing, and publishing process. Now here I am, six months after The Untenable's release, with the third book...

To Those of you who Pre-Ordered The Uprising

I want to preface this by saying The Uprising will still release on January 16th--probably a day earlier, considering the events that have unfolded this morning. In my years of self-publishing, this is the worst news I've had to share with my readers. When you see...

Erafeen #3 Cover Reveal, Pre-Order Now

I've been teasing at it for over a month now, and the time has finally come to lift the garage door and show you what I've been tinkering with. It's crazy to think how much has happened since the first chapter of the first Erafeen novel, The Jestivan. It released...

First Draft Complete – Erafeen #3

I set a deadline for October 1st. And here we are---September 17th---and I've finished the first draft of the third book in the Erafeen series ... two weeks ahead of schedule. It's 128,500 words, but expect that to grow with the second draft. I've decided to turn the...

Updates on Writing (9/6/2017)

Hey, Jestivan. I promised everyone that while my blog posts may become less frequent now that I'm focused strictly on writing Erafeen #3's first draft, I would still post at least once every two weeks. So here I am, fulfilling that promise. Kind of. I'm a day past the...

Word Count Stats for Past Month

I was going to wait until I finished my writing today to make this blog post, but then I realized if I had done that, it would have been 32 days instead of 31---and that's construing numbers, which I don't want to do. So I'll write this up now, before I begin writing....

General Updates (8/12/2017)

Now that The Untenable (Erafeen, #2) has published, my blog posts might slow down, but I will definitely stay on a once-every-two-weeks frequency at the minimum. The reason they'll slow down is because I'm focused on writing Erafeen #3, and that's demanding almost all...

Small Update – Paperback is Available for Purchase

While the eBook has been available for pre-order for the past few weeks (you'll get them on August 6th), the paperback has been missing in action. Well now it's up on Amazon for $11.99! Order a copy, so you can have another book to add to your bookshelf. Amazon...

Updates on The Untenable and Book #3!

NOTE: Book #2 Pre-Order links, FREE Book #1 information, and Goodreads Giveaway link are at the bottom of post. Also, sorry if this post sounds a little jumbled, but I'm tired and am forcing myself to write this because ... content for you guys and girls. So there's...