Kuki Sphaira (The World)


Let’s break down the geographical make-up of Kuki Sphaira. Click on the picture above if you want a visual. Keep in mind that what you see in that picture is accurate to the overall representation of the world. However, the structures of the individual kingdoms are very rough representations.

Literally, Kuki Sphaira translatedev-kingdom-kindles to “ball of air”, and think of it as exactly that. There are scattered masses of land that float within it. And at the center of Kuki Sphaira‘s spherical atmosphere, cutting it cleanly in half, is an invisible, intangible plane (think of it like the equator). This plane splits the ball of air into two halves. The upper half is the Light Realm. The lower is the Dark Realm. The two realms sort of mirror each other.

Sitting on the invisible plane are six massive islands; five circling the plane’s outer edge and one that occupies the center. A network of floating rivers connect the landmasses, and an ocean—known as the Sea of Light—surrounds the central island. The topside of the five outer islands are known as the Light Kingdoms (because they’re in the Light Realm). Hanging from the islands’ underbellies are the Dark Kingdoms (they’re in the Dark Realm). As for the island at the center of Kuki Sphaira; it houses the central school of “magic” (this will be explained elsewhere). Phesaw is on the topside, making it the Light Realm‘s school. Ipsas hangs underneath, making it the Dark Realm‘s school.

The Light Kingdoms: Intel, Passion, Spirit, Adren, Archaic

The Dark Kingdoms: Dev, Still, Cyn, Power, Prim

Floating high above the Light Kingdoms, at the very top of the Light Realm, are two other islands. The same goes for the Dark Realm. Except, their two islands float at the bottom of the realm. These islands are mostly a mystery to the commoners of the Light and Dark Kingdoms. They know that one of the two islands is known as the Light or Dark Empire (depending on which realm it belongs to). As for the second island; they know nothing.

Kuki Sphaira has two moons. One is small and orbits only Kuki Sphaira. The other is significantly larger and orbits both Kuki Sphaira and another strange planet close by.




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