Just yesterday I tweeted that I’d likely have Erafeen #4’s first draft completed by February 12th. Somehow, I finished today. I don’t know what kind of zone my mind entered the past two days, but I wish it was that way all the time.

If you haven’t heard by now, the official title of the fourth Erafeen novel is The Chronicle. I won’t say much beyond that, so I’ll keep this update short.

I’ve contacted my cover designer, Alessandro. I love this guy. He has illustrated some of the most breathtaking covers, and I will continue to go to him for the rest of the Erafeen series. He’ll begin work on the cover sometime in the next two weeks.

While he’s doing that, I’ll be working on the first round of edits of The Chronicle. Hopefully, that doesn’t take too long, but what am I saying? The first round of edits is always the longest.

I hope everyone’s excited! I’m telling you, The Chronicle is the best Erafeen novel yet–better than The Untenable, which is my personal favorite.

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