I’ve found myself working on my secret novel over the past few days while my editor has Erafeen #2. After finishing the first draft of Erafeen #2 a couple months ago, I wanted to make it my mission to up the efficiency of not only my editing, marketing, and promoting of the book, but also any of my future writing—the most important aspect as an author.

And I’ve been doing well so far. Granted, I’m not writing 8-10,000 words a day, but I’m up there. And with each day, it becomes easier to write more words. It’s something you must train your mind to be able to do. Use the force, you feel me?

That’s all I have for now. I simply wanted to let everyone know that I didn’t forget you, so I wrote up a quick little blog. The Jestivan is still free on every major platform or by subscribing to my Email newsletter. Make sure you check it out.

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