Weaving (The Magic System)

A couple notes before you continue reading:

  1. This information is not introduced until Book #2 (which has yet to be released). With that said, it’s not a spoiler (it doesn’t ruin any plot-lines or reveals), but if you’re one of those people who want to learn things in the exact order they are delivered in the novels, then stop reading now.
  2. I don’t intend for the following information to be “fun” for everyone. This is geared toward individuals who are deeply enthralled by epic fantasies such as The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss or a lot of Brandon Sanderson’s work. And since this isn’t a novel, I don’t have to worry about delivering this information in a beautiful, narrative prose. Instead, I get to cram it down your throats with an instructional discourse of epic Ben Stein proportions. HOW DOES THAT SOUND?

…. Anyone? …. Anyone? …. 😉

I’m going to give you the definitions of the key terms first. After that, I will break each step of the weaving process down with more detail. Each term will get their own section.

  • Energy – This is the first and most basic term in Erafeen’s magic system. Everyone has it, and it’s what flows through your body. There are ten known energies, each of which are unique in their own way (Intel, Passion, Spirit, Adren, Archaic, Dev, Still, Cyn, Power, Prim). The type of energy you possess determines which kingdom you’re native to.
  • Current – Essentially, this is nature’s “energy”. Their are ten known currents that correspond to a similar energy (Intel, Passion, Spirit, etc.).
  • Clout – The power and speed at which someone can exert their energy from their body.
  • Weaving – The name of Erafeen’s magic system. It’s the process of weaving a person’s energy with nature’s current. There are many ways to weave energy and current. What happens is based on the pattern used, the number of energy or current strands used, and how much clout (will be discussed soon) is used.
  • EC Chain – Also known as an Energy/Current Chain. The name should tell you everything. An EC Chain is what you call a successfully woven chain of energy and current.
  • Thrust – The reaction that occurs when energy and current interact in a successfully woven EC Chain. This is what turns an invisible, intangible EC Chain into a visible, tangible ability.
  • Ability – This is what you see. Whereas energy, currents, and EC Chains are invisible to the naked eye, abilities are the potentially deadly powers that stronger individuals possess. Abilities are the product of weaving. Each energy/current combination creates a different ability.
  • Energy Exhaustion – When you’ve run your energy thin, which can happen because of several factors.

To break it down: Energy and Currents are the reactants. Weaving is the process that combines the reactants. An EC Chain is the transitional state resulting from the process. Thrust is the reaction of the transitional state. Ability is the product of the reaction.

Now that you know all of this, let’s dig deeper into the types of energy/currents and the abilities that are created from them.

The ten known E/C’s are as follows (Some are spoilers, so not all information will be given):

Light Realm

  • Intel – Flows in a zigzag pattern. Very dynamic. Ability: Electricity
  • Passion – Flows in an irregular pattern. Somewhat organic. Ability: Fire
  • Spirit – Flows in waves. Very organic. Ability: Wind
  • Adren – Moves in straight lines. Very aggressive. Ability: Speed
  • Archaic – Moves in blockish patterns. Very rugged. Ability: Ancients

Dark Realm

  • Dev – Moves point-by-point, similar to a blip on a radar. Very unpredictable. Ability: N/A (spoiler)
  • Still – Moves in thick, blockish forms. Very slow. Ability: N/A (spoiler)
  • Cyn – Flows like smoke/mist. Extremely organic. Ability: N/A (spoiler)
  • Power – Moves in thick, fast motions. Very impactful. Ability: N/A (spoiler)
  • Prim – Moves in block-ish patterns. Very rugged. Ability: N/A (spoiler)

Energy (99.9% of population possess energy; 73.2% of population can control it)

Energy flows through a person’s body via energy canals. Energy canals are similar to the vessels and arteries of the circulatory system or the nerves of the nervous system. Unlike the blood that circulates through your body, however, energy can be manipulated by its user. The reason why energy is the most basic term of weaving is because it’s the foundation, and while everyone might possess energy, not everyone can control it.

The type of energy someone is born with is based on their parents. For example, if both parents possess Intel Energy, then the child will, too. If one has Intel Energy and the other has Spirit Energy, the child will have one or the other; not both. As for the method to predict the outcome if both parents have different energies, there is none. Scientists have researched it for centuries, and it seems to be random.

The previous scenario used two Light Realm energies as examples. There have been no documented instances of someone with a Light Realm energy reproducing with someone possessing a Dark Realm energy, so conclusive data is nonexistent.

Controlling one’s energy is the first step toward weaving. Learning to do this comes from practice. Like flexing a muscle; eventually, controlling your energy within your body becomes instinctive.

Clout (36.6% of population can use clout)

Clout is similar to strength. Strength determines the force—or power—someone can physically strike with. Clout determines the force and speed at which someone can expel their energy from their body and into nature.

Strength = Muscle
Clout = Energy

Someone with higher clout is able to expel their energy a farther distance, resulting in abilities that can travel farther through space. More clout gives you more range without the need for weaving.

Now you’re confused. Without the need for weaving? But I thought weaving was necessary to turn your energy into an ability.

YOU’RE RIGHT. I’m glad you’re paying attention. What I should have said was, “More clout gives you more range without trying to weave.” Think about it… there are billions of currents in nature. If someone with impressive clout expels their energy through nature’s billions of currents, the speed of their energy will lead to accidental collisions with currents and, therefore, accidental weaving will occur at random. This leads to EC Chains, which leads to thrust, which leads to a visible, tangible ability.

There are a couple major downsides to this, however.

One: Unless your clout is absolutely insane, you will be severely limited in what you can do. All you’re relying on is chance. You have no knowledge of weaving, which means you can’t strategically manipulate your ability.

Two (and the biggest downfall): Because it’s mostly you doing the work instead of nature, this method depletes your energy fast; leading to energy exhaustion in minutes. Your stamina won’t allow you to keep up with or last as long as someone who can weave.

So learning to weave is vital, and if you can combine great clout with skillful weaving, you’ll be unstoppable. If you were to choose just one, though, go with weaving. Skillful weaving > High clout

Weaving (18.1% of population know how to weave, ~10% can weave at a below-average level, ~3% at an average level, ~1.5% at a high level, ~0.0004% at a master level)

Weaving is difficult to get a grasp of, and most of that 18.1% will never even be decent at it. Before you can weave, you must be able to sense/detect individual or clusters of currents around you. This takes massive amounts of training. Someone who expels their energy into nature for the first time will be hit with an overwhelming sensation of pain. And that pain is because of the billions of currents that will bombard your newly-expelled energy at once. You won’t be able to pinpoint anything. You’ll hit complete energy exhaustion in seconds. This is the reason why most people can’t weave. They can’t take the immense pain when they’re first starting, so they quit. But once you can pinpoint clusters and strands of currents, you’ll be rewarded.

It’s important to note: someone with Intel Energy cannot weave with a different kind of current—it has to be an Intel Current. It’s impossible. Mismatching energies and currents have no reaction.

Now, you weave.

Through practice, you’ll learn how to entwine a strand(s) of your energy with a strand or cluster of current(s). Depending on the pattern of your weaving, the number of current and energy strands, and the looseness or tightness of the chain; the look, texture, and power of the ability will vary.

Basically, how you weave (which there is an infinite amount of ways) determines the variances in your ability’s delivery.

EC Chains, Thrust, Ability

Once again, an EC Chain is a woven bond of energy and current. Thrust is the reaction that occurs from that bond. And the ability is the visible, tangible product that results (i.e. electricity, wind, fire, etc.).

Thrust is like clout. However, while clout comes from the person, thrust comes from nature. Thrust propels your ability through space (basically a quick boost) and intensifies the power. The more consecutive EC Chains you form, the more the thrust builds up. The hard part is continuously weaving chains because the more chains you form at once, the more difficult it becomes to sense and properly weave.

Thrust comes from nature. It propels your ability through space and intensifies the power.

Remember when I said people who rely solely on clout are at a disadvantage when battling someone who can weave, too (assuming the person weaving also has some clout to go with it)? This is why. A weaver cuts the energy he or she uses by roughly 70%  from simply relying on the thrust that results from an EC Chain. They can last much, much longer in a fight. And not only that; they can be more creative with their abilities.

Creative Control

What does weaving do???? 

Well, it depends. The simple answer is this: It turns your energy into the ability that corresponds to it. But there are different ways to do that.

Are you weaving one strand of energy with ten currents, or ten strands of energy with one current? Are you weaving tight or loose chains? Are you weaving several thousand chains at once or just a few hundred—or maybe even one… and are all of those loose or tight; not only in regard to each individual chain, but in relation to the chains surrounding them? And what’s the pattern of your weaving? Is it irregular? Structured and consistent? Are you pulsing your energy around the current, making the pattern pump as it goes down the length of the chain? How much clout did you use when initially exerting the energy from your body? How long is the EC Chain?

Obviously, there are several variables that factor into weaving, which results in a near-infinite amount of results. Let’s look into a few scenarios for someone who uses Intel Energy…

Energy: Intel, # of EC Chains: Thousands, Individually woven: Tight, Clustered: Tight

Result: Concentrated strike of electricity that can hit a large target area. Skill range: High Level. Useful for battling multiple opponents or destroying property.


Energy: Intel, # of EC Chains: 50 – 300, Individually woven: Loose, Clustered: Loose

Result: Diluted area of electricity, weak enough to not inflict pain, but still provide light. Skill range: Below-average. Very useful as a replacement for candles. Creates: Intelights


Energy: Intel, # of EC Chains: Billions, Individually woven: Tight, Clustered: Incredibly tight

Result: Extraordinarily concentrated bolt of electricity (essentially, a strike of lightning) capable of creating craters in the crust if fired from the sky. Skill range: Master. Useful for… If you’re doing something like this, chances are you’re in a life-or-death scenario.


Those are only three scenarios. There are plenty more… and we’re not even looking at the other nine energies.

That’s all for now.


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