This is exciting for a few reasons. Obviously it means I’ve completed another step of the editing process. The third draft is almost finished. I have to go through his edits of the second half of the book (the first half has been done). I just spent the last 4 hours doing that and made a lot of progress, so that should be finished in the next couple days.

Once that’s done, it’s on to simple proofreading—finding the few typos that might still exist or fixing minor grammatical errors.

But the REAL reason why this news is so exciting is that it means I get to reach out to my illustrator now! What does that mean for all of you? You’ll be getting a book cover and title reveal in the coming weeks! HELL YES. FINALLY.

This also marks the beginning of formatting. I’ll work on typing up the book’s front matter (title page, copyright page, chapter list, maps, etc.) and making sure the interior looks clean.

IMPORTANT: IF ANYONE WANTS TO READ ERAFEEN #2 BEFORE ITS OFFICIAL RELEASE, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR EMAIL (or you can email me by using the address on my author page). I can’t promise everyone a copy though. And the catch for receiving an early copy is that you must review it (Amazon or Goodreads) when the book publishes.

Other news:

I’ve made progress on my side project (a secret novel). However, that might slow down now that I have Erafeen #2 back in my hands since that will receive my focus.

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