Tonight I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

It was fantastic. It was hilarious. It was touching.

Then right after the ending credits rolled, my phone vibrated with great news! My editor ALREADY sent back the first half of my book. He killed it … literally. There’s red all over the place. What sucks about this is that I still have a good amount of the second half of the book to edit before I can send it to my editor … so it’ll be a couple weeks before he gets the rest of it in his hands.

But that also means when I do send him the second half, I’ll already have the first-half with his edits to look through.

This news also has the potential to move the release date forward. My original plan to have Erafeen #2¬†release in late December was based off my assumption that the editor would have it longer. Maybe … just maybe … it can release in November.

I’m a tease.

In other news, The Jestivan (Erafeen #1) will be free as an ebook starting June 9th. THAT’S IN FOUR MORE DAYS, PEOPLE.

Good night. <3