When I had this idea a few days ago, I didn’t know what to call it, so I dubbed it “Theatrical Poetry”. But now I know the official term, so I’m changing the title of this series to “Ekphrastic Poetry”. Remember to listen to the song and absorb the image while you read the short poem. Enjoy.

“A Boy’s Angel”, Written by David F. Farris

I’m a divine warrior,
Only here because of faith,
A passenger of your mind,
Your heart’s manufactured wraith.

Yes, I bear wings and wield a sword,
Seems contradicting for an angel to speak of war,
But my enemies don’t spill blood or breathe air,
They’re the blights of your mind—
Doubt, Hate, and Nightmares.

I’m one of many forces steering you toward your fate,
And I’m not in the clouds, nor behind a pearly gate,
Heaven exists inside of you, that’s where I sit on my throne,
Son, your memories of me are what give me a home.