Small update, but I decided to escape my old Youtube page that was cluttered with Halo (gaming) videos. You can now find anything about my book or author-related updates HERE. This means I have to regrow my audience on the video-sharing platform, so go ahead and subscribe to the channel. It’d be a huge help.

Other side notes:

  1. The FREE eBook offer for The Jestivan ends at the end of today (May 6th).
  2. The Goodreads Giveaway of 3 paperback copies begins in 3 days (May 9th).
  3. Still in the self-editing process of Erafeen #2.
  4. Nearing completion of The Jestivan‘s new cover art.

That’s about it! Enjoy your day!

If you were looking for bells and whistles in this post, I have nothing for you. At least not today.