It’s January 13th of 2017!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yea, I know. I’m extremely late. My mission to blog as much and as passionately as I write my book has been catastrophically unsuccessful to say the least. Luckily, with a new year comes the promise of a New Year’s resolution, and the upkeep of this blog will be exactly that! So that means I will fail within the month definitely make it happen!

In other news; in a world filled with useless apps, Timehop is one of the few that aren’t useless and manage to tickle my fancy every afternoon when I wake up, sluggishly swipe off my alarm, and misclick every possible spot of my phone’s screen before finally opening the app through sheer luck. Because, you know, grabbing my phone is more important than the glasses that sit right next to it. And to the handful of you still stuck on the part when I said “afternoon”: Yes, I’m nocturnal. I feast on mice during witching hours and sport wings and big, gigantic eyes.

“But why would you need glasses if you have big eyes?” You got me. I’m not an owl. Props for paying attention.

See, this is what happens when I don’t blog for months. I forget how to do it. Now I’m rambling, hopping from nonsense to more nonsense    HOPPING … HOP … TIMEHOP.

Yes, Timehop. I was scrolling through Timehop when this caught my eye:

And I don’t mean the cringe-worthy typo, “gentleman”    even though that did stick out first. I’m talking about the the word-count. On this day, one year ago, I hit 5,000 words in Erafeen #2. Today, I’m at 124,500 words. Now this naturally made me want to do some math, so allow me to dazzle you with my number-crunching abilities.

1 year = 12 months = 120,000 words
10,000 words per month
2,500 words per week

Ok, so if this was an actual math assignment, I would have gotten a big ZERO for not showing my work. Just believe me; it was elementary math. I’m a genius.

It isn’t a mind-blowing pace. It’s not going to knock someone’s socks offmaybe one of them. But it is consistent, and when dealing with epic fantasy, it’s respectable. There are a LOT of moving pieces that I must keep track of and make sure are fully fleshed out before choosing to fly into another chapter … or even just the next paragraph. This is a big world with dozens of role players. Epic fantasy takes delicacy when being constructed, for the tiniest of plot-holes can cause a story to crumble.

With that said, I’m proud of my efforts, but I’m yearning for more production in 2017. I’m nearing Erafeen #2’s climax and conclusion, which means this year will be dedicated to layers of revisions by my editor and me; promotional and creative designs for the book jacket, book trailer, and countless other marketing avenues; and the review process where I send ARCs to a unlucky lucky select few. And it all builds up to the release in late Fall.

As for Erafeen #1 (The Jestivan), there will be another giveaway starting in a few days on Goodreads. Five winners, yadi yadi yadi. You know the drill. For the Erafeen noobs, I’ll give you a link. Forgive my gamer speak.

 Good day.

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