I wish I could say I’m excited about my Buccaneers playing on Thursday Night Football, but I’m not. I’m expecting the worst, which is what happens after years of watching a team underachieve … HOWEVER, there is good news! I’m 86,500 words into writing the rough draft of Erafeen #2, I’ve received a couple raving reviews from my most recent giveaway of The Jestivan, and there’s another giveaway starting in one week!

I’ve picked up the pace of my writing over the past few weeks, so progress has been noticeable. Also, if anyone wants to read some of the new reviews from readers, check them out here. And because of those reviews, I was fired up to offer another giveaway for five lucky winners! Be on the lookout.

Alas, it’s time for me to hopelessly root on my team. Fingers crossed.