Progress has been made with the creation of three new pages (in addition to The Jestivan tab), two of which can teach you a few things about the inner workings of Erafeen, such as the magic system and the world (setting).

The newest tab you’ll see at the top of this page is Reviews. This is where you’ll find any editorial reviews that The Jestivan has accumulated since its release. So if you want to a second opinion, click on that tab.

Then you’ll see the Kuki Sphaira tab. It gives you pictures and an in-depth geographical breakdown of how the world of Erafeen is composed—which is called Kuki Sphaira… duh. These are fun sections of the site, for they pertain to the story and they teach a lot of specifics that won’t be found explicitly in the novels.

The final tab I’ve added, Weaving, definitely contains the most complex information. It breaks down Erafeen’s magic system. With its very in-depth analysis, the Weaving tab can come off as kind of textbook-ish. But that’s the great part of this… This isn’t a novel, so I don’t have to ease the information into my fans’ skulls with a beautiful narrative prose. Instead, I can jam it in there with an instructional discourse of epic Ben Stein proportions. HOW DOES THAT SOUND?….

Anyone? … Anyone?