Hey, friends.

I’m going to start updating this website and my Facebook page on a bi-daily basis. I’ve been juggling a lot of things lately, but my life has calmed down. While I’m¬†writing Book #2—we’ll call it Erafeen 2—I will also be focusing on promoting Book 1, The Jestivan, and expanding my promotional and social reach as an author.

So here are a couple steps I’ve taken:

  1. Book trailer on Youtube.
  2. Goodreads giveaways.
  3. Created this website (www.erafeen.com)
  4. Created an official Facebook page.

I’ll continue polishing this site by adding information about my series, Erafeen, and the world its about, Kuki Sphaira. This will be the go-to destination for character artwork and profiles, fun-facts about the story, and other useful, random information that I may not put in the books.

Erafeen is an absolutely HUMONGOUS story. The amount of complex characters, depth of lore, and number of kingdoms make it impossible to cram it all into a series of novels, so this will be an alternate outlet.

I can’t wait to finish this journey with all of you. This world and story has been in my head for over five years, and I want you all to become engulfed, also.